January 6, 2020: At this time the commissions list is closed! I’ll have more news on this later, but it’s time to get to work on a massive OGN, that will keep me busy for most of this year. All commissions already confirmed via email as “on the list” will be completed, at the rates and per the conditions shown. Once the OGN is finished this commissions list will reopen. Meantime, thanks to everyone who’s made a request to date! Please watch your email for status updates.

Use the Contact tab, or click here, to discuss your specific request and budget.

Prices are generally $200 USD per figure, $100 USD for additional background, on 11×17 inch bristol board. All payments will be via PayPal ( or Venmo (@Rick-Leonardi). This is more than the usual in-person rate, but your piece will be considerably bigger and more detailed than a typical convention sketch. And of course, shipping is included!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?

I’ll email you when I’m about to begin your sketch, and we can settle the shipping and payments then.

What if I live outside of the United States?

The prices for sketches are the same worldwide, but shipping is only complimentary within the lower 48 states of the US. Additional shipping charges to Canada, Mexico, and all other international destinations will be added to your sketch cost. I will try to determine the best possible rates for your package, and email you what they are, before beginning work on your piece.

If you choose to withdraw your request for a sketch at that time, that’s totally cool.

Is Canada a “foreign” destination?

Yes it is. I’ve found there are some surprising import duty and tariff considerations involved that I did not expect.

Who pays duties, tariffs, taxes, etc?

To the extent that I can figure out what these charges will be for your particular shipment, and tell you about them prior to payment, you do.

Does Cloak and Dagger count as one figure or two?

They are a set, as far as I’m concerned, so they count as one full figure.

What is the wait time like?

As of 10 September, the list stands at 65 requests. I have emailed each person his or her place on the list, with some guess as to delivery date. I have a few convention appearances scheduled between now and December which will eat into studio time, but I think I can finish up the current list by the end of this year.

Pencils? Or inks too?

All sketches are inked, unless you say otherwise.

What about sketches on blank covers?

If your request is for a sketch cover piece, double-check that you have made that plain in your email to me.

When I’m about to begin your sketch, I’ll email you my postal address, and you can send me your blank, at your cost.

Once complete, the finished piece will be shipped to you in the usual way, with the usual terms and conditions.